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The best tricks and tips for tackle box fishing

tackle box

Everything in this life is to evolve, move forward, improve our abilities and skills and be a little more effective every day. Well, in this one, our wonderful world of fishing was not going to be less. That is why we have special interest in offering you (yes, you who read us) the best fishing tips and recommendations to improve your fishing capabilities. In the world of sport fishingand diving there is no secret or public formula, to become the best fisherman on the coast, it is more of a dedication that is taking shape and improving its technique over time. And nobody is born fishing friends … Of course, by nature there are fishermen more avid than others, some are classified as fishing experts. We cannot reveal the trick of almendruco because today, we have not found it, there are thousands of fishing tips and each fisherman will have his favorite tackle box.

Because it does not matter if you are an expert or experimental fisherman, if you like scuba diving or you prefer sport fishing. There, for all fishermen who read us, 15 fishing tips to improve your fishing days:

  1. Do not close to just one fishing technique: we all always have preferences when choosing the type of fishing to practice but if you only practice one you will not evolve and learn new things. Try rivers, reservoirs, boats, shores, little by little your mind will open as an all-terrain fisherman.
  2. Do not venture and know your limits: especially when diving for apnea diving. Fishing involves many risks that you have to know and avoid.
  3. Respect responsible fishing measures and the environment: this way you will never fall into problems due to illegalities and collaborate in the care of your environment and aquatic ecology.
  4. Be constant and never give up: as in all sports you have to be constant to gain experience and train as a professional fisherman.
  5. Take care of the presentation of your baits and hooks: you have to offer the fish an attractive bite so that their eagerness to eat will bite us on our hook. Many times you will notice how changing the bait will achieve many more captures with the same conditions.
  6. Always try to go fishing with friends: being accompanied will liven up your fishing days and, most importantly, it will provide you with an important sense of security by knowing that, in an emergency, you will always have someone’s help.
  7. Use good fishing materials: well, your results will be better, little by little you will be able to become your professional fishing team, in all sports when you specialize more you realize that the material to use and its quality greatly affects the final result.
  8. Wanting to learn and want to teach: we all start from scratch, but some of us have more basic knowledge than others, knowledge and experiences that we have to share with our community of friends and acquaintances of fishing. Surely you will also learn many tricks that you did not know before, never stop learning fisherman friend, we can all continue learning.
  9. Large doses of patience: the gift of patience becomes especially relevant in fishing activities because it is normal to spend 2 or 3 hours waiting to get a miserable catch, or wait for hours for the sinking of a buoy, even worse, sometimes you will invest long fishing days without obtaining any results. Friend, do not despair, patience is a gift that you have to cultivate from the first moment you grab a fishing rod, and in the end whoever follows it gets it!
  10. Commitment to the environment: be responsible for the returns you make, keep in mind the minimum measures allowed for catches. Never, never fish for endangered species or that their quantity is on the verge of becoming endangered. Respect the environment in which you establish your fishing days and take care of it as if it were your own home.
  11. Be a good observer: be precise in time and form and look for that right moment in which a fish bites in your bait, think about the best place to fish, as well as the day, time, As with your fishing materials, you do not need to spend thousands of euros on it, but you do choose the most suitable for your activity.
  12. Adapt your lures: do not settle for anyone, attach those who really cheat the fish and select them according to the species and season in which you go fishing, listen to the experiences of your partners and try using your favorite lures.
  13. Take fishing as a sport, a hobby:  This advice is somewhat more subjective and each fisherman will interpret it in a way. Our recommendation is that you enjoy first of all because fishing reports great moments difficult to forget, something that will not be so 100% if you are only obsessed with fishing more and more. Relax and enjoy the fishing that the bites will arrive alone.
  14. Go fishing whenever you can and you feel like it: one thing is to take into account the weather factors and another thing is to let them affect your days and stop fishing. Instead of staying at home complaining about the bad weather, go outside (provided it doesn’t involve a real pelígro) and fight against the wind and the tide…. What does not kill you, makes you stronger and, in this case, you will improve your technique as a fisherman.
  15. Don’t believe everything they tell about catches: everyone has their own method and the results are obviously not going to be the same. There are many factors that come into play, we know that comparisons are odious.

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